Update on Port Labor Shortages

On November 3, 2014, ILWU and PMA sent their immediate release regarding current issues at the port. First actions on th part of ILWU was brought over the weekend causing Port of Tacoma and Seattle to shut down after 1/2 days work both Saturday and Monday. Productivity at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles are now experiencing an impact from the slowdowns and reduced labor. PMA is not willing to lock out labor. ILWU on the other hand stating three factors that results to congestion, mainly mismanagement according to industry experts said ILWU Spokesperson Craig Merrilees.

Among the 3 factors (according to ILWU) are:

1. A Change in business model used to maintain and allocate truck chassis.

2. A Shortage of truck drivers who are needed to move containers at the ports.

3. A shortage of rail car capacity has led to delays in moving containers from docks to distant locations via rail.

PMA thinks that this is a slowdown strategy by ILWU and is urging them to agree to a temporary contract extension and resolve the issue at the negotiating table rather than on the job site according to Wade Gates, Spokesperson of PMA.

ILWU has called for negotiation to recommence tomorrow (Nov. 5,2014).

Due to this, please expect limits from trucker’s customer service and dispatch groups, however; Flegenheimer will continue to monitor and follow up with truckers with the best of our ability. If you have your designated trucker, we suggest that you continue to work closely with them in regards to your shipments.

Please click on the link below for the full immediate release from PMA and ILWU.


Thank you,

Flegenheimer International Team