UPDATE: New Country of Origin Rules for imports from Hong Kong. ADDITIONAL 45 DAYS FOR INFORMED COMPLIANCE

We would like to update you on the latest information on the new country of origin rules for Hong Kong. On Friday August 21st, CBP issued CSMS # 43729326 stating; In an effort to allow importers ample time to comply with EO requirements for goods produced in Hong Kong to be appropriately marked with the origin of “China”, CBP is extending the transition period for an additional 45 days, through November 9, 2020. Please note this change in marking requirements does not affect country of origin determinations for purposes of assessing ordinary duties under Chapters 1-97 of the HTSUS or temporary or additional duties under Chapter 99 of the HTSUS.  Entry summary procedures also have not changed.  Given that this new rule only applies to marking requirements under 19 U.S.C. 1304, filers should continue to file their entry summaries and submit payments for applicable duties, taxes and fees in accordance with current regulations and policies.

Should you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact the Trade Agreement Branch at fta@dhs.gov

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Flegenheimer Team