U.S. Fish & Wildlife – Fee Increase, Late ISFs

U.S. Fish & Wildlife – Fee Increase

As of January 1, 2012, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service will implement new inspection fees.  These fees will remain in effect indefinitely:

  • Designated port based inspection fee: $93.00
  • Nondesignated port base inspection fee: $145.00
  • Premium inspection fee for protected species or live wildlife (including live viable eggs and live pupae): $93.00
  • Overtime inspection fee for inspections are normal working hours, including Saturday and Sunday
    • minimum for 2 hours: $105.00
    • each additional hour: $53.00
  • Overtime inspection fee for inspections on Federal holidays:
    • minimum for 2 hours: $139.00
    • each additional hour: $70.00

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Late ISFs = Extra Costs

Importer Security Filings for all ocean freight shipments began to be required by Customs and Border Protection in January of 2009 and became fully enforced in January 2010.

It has been our observation that shipments are being tagged for intensive exam by CBP when the ISF is filed late.  These exams are costly – both in money and in time.  Therefore, we want to encourage all our ocean importers to:

  • Make sure your 10+2 form is received in Flegenheimer Intl’s office at least 48 hours in advance of your shipment being laden aboard the vessel at the foreign port.
  • Make sure each 10+2 form is filled out completely and correctly.  We must provide CBP with the complete names and addresses of the importer of record, ultimate consignee, buyer of the goods, seller of the goods, container stuffer, consolidator and manufacturer of the goods.  We also need to provide the country of origin, HTS number (or description of the goods being imported), date of export, date of import into the U.S. and Bill of Lading or booking number.

Flegenheimer guarantees your ISF will be transmitted to CBP the same day that it is received in our office in order to prevent any late filings of this essential information.