Some FDA Food Facility Registrations Receiving Incorrect Invalid or Cancelled Registrations

CSMS #17-000107 was sent today regarding rejections for some food facility registrations. Please read below:

Some food facility registrations are improperly rejecting for invalid or cancelled registrations.  A resolution to the issue is expected to be implemented this afternoon.  FDA will notify trade when the resolution is implemented.

These rejects receive a reason code of 111 or 112 in either the ACE Cargo Release Status (SO) transaction, or the ACE Stand-Alone Prior Notice status (PO) transaction.

Once the resolution is implemented later this afternoon, filers need to perform a CA Correction (PGA update) without changing any data correct the rejection.

Manufacturer may FURLS Registration Help Desk at or 800-216-7331 to verify the current status of the your Food Facility Registration.  Please expect long wait times for phone calls.

Trade may contact FDA ACE Support 24/7 at or 877-345-1101 for ACE inquiries to verify the  rejection reason.

Trade may contact Division of Food Defense Targeting at or 866-521-2297 for assistance with valid food registrations verified by FURLS Registration Desk that may be rejecting improperly.

**Flegenheimer International will closely monitor and notify our importers for any rejection to your shipments. We will work closely with FDA for any issues that may arise due to this rejection.**