Transportation Logistics

header_big_rigFlegenheimer International is not a freight forwarder, trucking company or storage facility but we can help to arrange international and domestic transportation and storage on your behalf. We have a vast array of partners who can assist you in moving your freight, at any temperature, into, out of or throughout the United States. These services can include repacking (if cartons were damaged during international shipping), re-icing (if dry ice has evaporated), placement of gel packs or coordination of vendors to ensure your product is held in a freezer before or after transportation. Our partners are able to assist in the storage and re-packing of your product in most ports in the U.S.

We know that at times, your freight is released by all the required Government agencies in a port that is not the final destination. Through our network of partners, we can help arrange domestic transportation of your goods by air or truck to any destination in the United States. Whether your freight requires refrigeration, is frozen or is not temperature sensitive at all, we can help arrange storage or transportation in a temperature controlled or ambient environment at most all ports in the United States on your behalf.

If International transportation is what you require, we partner with many freight forwarders that can get the job done for you. In the unlikely event that your product is rejected by a Government agency and requires exportation we can handles these logistics for you. Similarly if you are trying to get a shipment into the US by air or ocean we can assist as well. We also handle critical sample shipments which may require import or export before you seal the deal on that big contract. We can help with most all import and exporting scenarios. If we can’t, we can surely recommend someone that can.


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