Seafood Changes

As of February 3, 2012, many of the Harmonized Tariff Classifications covering seafood have changed.

In order to properly classify shipments of fish and other seafood, we now have to know the scientific name of the commodity being imported.

Also, for Food and Drug Administration entry, we must know if the seafood is wild caught or farmed and submit detailed information as to how the product is packed.

To avoid unnecessary delays at the time of entry, please ask your suppliers to include the following information on the commercial invoice at the time of shipment:

Scientific names of the commodities being imported along with a complete description of the product (i.e. fillet, whole, skinless, loin, etc.)

A statement indicating “Wild Caught” or “Farmed”
Detailed packing information – i.e. how many packages are in each carton, how the commodity is packed  (in plastic, glass, etc.) and how much each individual package weighs.
A statement attesting to whether or not the product has ever been refused entry into another country (and, if so, the name of the country/countries where it was refused)

If you have any questions about the information to be included on the commercial invoice, please call Flegenheimer International for further information.