RESOLVED: Some FDA food facility registrations improperly rejecting for invalid or cancelled registration / Important Reminder

CSMS #17-000108 The issue causing improper rejects for some food facility registrations reported in CSMS # 17-000107 is now resolved. FDA is reprocessing all entries that have been rejected for invalid or cancelled registrations since Saturday, 2/25/17.

*Filers will NOT need to submit corrections.

Filers should receive a Prior Notice Confirmation Number or a new reject message within approximately 2 hours. If you do not receive a PNC or new reject message, please contact FDA ACE Support at or 877-345-1101.

If a new reject message is received due to invalid registration, please follow the instructions in CSMS #17-000104, as this is likely a valid reject message.


CSMS #17-000078
Title: FDA Invalidation of registrations for failure to renew or complete the renewal process.

FDA invalidated food facility registrations that failed to renew during the 2016 biennial registration period. In addition, food facility registration were invalidated for failure of confirmation by a US Agent and/or foreign manufacturer (registered by a third party) as required under the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Section 415 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act (FD&C Act) [21 U.S.C. § 350D] and in accordance with 21 CFR 1.231(a)(5) and (b)(7).  (Please see related CSMS message 16-001052). 

If you are receiving an entry rejection for an invalid registration, you will need to confirm the status of the registration with the manufacturer.  The manufacturer may check the status of their registration by logging into their FURLS Food Facility Registration Module account to verify the status of the individual registration.  Registrations that have been invalidated cannot be renewed and a new registration will have to be created. The US Agent or the owner must confirm the receipt of the registration within 30 days for it to be valid in the FDA reference database.  Failure to have a valid registered manufacturer can cause a shipment delay greater than 24 hours, therefore it is not recommended to file a prior notice if the registration is pending or use a facility registration that was invalidated due to failure to renew or confirmed by the US Agent/Owner.

ACE information: For this reject the sub-reason code 112 is sent back in the SO transaction for entries, SO71 record. For Stand-Alone prior notice filings, in the PO transaction the code 112 is in the PO71 record.

Contact FURLS Registration Help Desk at or 800-216-7331 to verify the current status of the your Food Facility Registration.  Please expect long wait times for phone calls.
Contact FDA ACE Support 24/7 at or 877-345-1101 for ACE inquiries to determine the  rejection reason.
Contact Division of Food Defense Targeting at or 866-521-2297 for assistance with valid food registrations verified by FURLS Registration Desk that may be rejecting improperly.