Reminder: Import Permits

This is just a reminder to our importers to pro-actively check your import permits from various government agencies and make sure they are up to date and renewed on time. Please do not wait until your permits are expired as there will be delays on getting your shipments cleared.

The following are agencies which normally would require import permit:

NOAA IFTP (International Fisheries Trade Permit)


Plant and Plant Products:

Animal Health Permits:

Other APHIS Permits:

Fish & Wildlife

3-200-3a – Import/Export License – U.S. Entities (expires 2/29/2020)

3-200-3b – Import/Export License – Foreign Entities (expires 2/29/2020)

Please send copies of your import permits to Flegenheimer International:

For ocean shipments, please send the permits to your account representative.

For air shipments, please send the permits to

Thank you,

Flegenheimer Team