Notification of Expiration of Wildlife Import/Export Licenses and Designated Port Exception Permits

On July 11, 2014 U.S. Fish & Wildlife has released the latest information regarding individual and business license expiration.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Import and Export Licenses are valid for one year from the date of issuance. For previous years, Office of the Law Enforcement has been sending written notifications by mail to the license holders as a courtesy to remind them in advance of the expiration so that they can send their renewal request on a timely basis. They have also sent advance written notice to holders of designated port exception permits to remind them of the pending expiration as well. However; due to shortage of staff and other constraints on their resources, this courtesy notice will no longer be provided by this service effective August 1,2014. Importers/Exporters are now responsible for monitoring the expiration dates and obtaining license renewals.  Electronic reminders through eDecs System is being discussed by the Service.

To our Importers: In order to avoid any problem or delay on your F&W clearance, please check your expiration date and set up a reminder in your computers, calendars, emails, phone etc. and renew your license on time.  Thank you.



U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Office of Law Enforcement

703-358-1949(p);703-358-2271(f) (email)