Important Port Fees Update

Port Fees at the Los Angeles/Long Beach port will go in effect October 1, 2008
Beginning 10/01/08 all containers going in and out of the ports, including intermodal cargo trucked to or from off-dock to rail yards, cargo to or from other domestic ports and military cargo will be subject to $35/20 ft and $70/40ft containers.
It is very important that you click on the following website, which will provide you the detailed information as to why these fees are being implemented:
These changes will also have a great effect on your trucking companies as the truck and the driver would need to be registered and approved to enter the ports. We urge you to contact your transportation providers to find out if they are in compliance and are able to fulfill the ports new requirements.
Other Future Fees in the Making
As if the above fees were not enough, similar fees may be imposed come January 1, 2009
We are not done yet. A third imposition of port fees for the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland (commonly known as the Lowenthal Bill) may go in effect July 1, 2009.