***Important*** LAX Airline cargo update, Free time and storage

Mercury LAX New Key Policies and Procedures Effective March 1,2022

We would like to advise you of the some changes to our key policies and procedures. 

March 1, 2022 we will be implementing the following to airlines handled by Mercury Air Cargo:

-Import Service Charge will be adjusted to $160.00 per AWB

-Storage will being 24 hours after shipment is made available (broken down).

-All electronic payments must be summited through the ePic system via WFS. Cargosprint payments through the Mercury Air Cargo Portal will no longer be accepted. However, ePic does accept Cargosprint and PayCargo payments.

-Cash payments at the front counter will no longer be accepted. All payments must be mad via ePic, Credit Card (through ePic) or Check.

-This change will not impact settlement of the $5.00 Traffic Mitigration Fee specially and customers who have a credit account and assigned PIn will follow the same process to resolve the fee at this time.

In addition to many airlines raising their Import Service fees and giving less free time a lot of them are also raising their storage fees significant with Qantas LAX being the highest at so far at $1/ kilo after the first day of arrival.

We encourage importers and trucking companies to track their import shipments using https://www.utopiax.org/aircargotracking.html or https://www.track-trace.com/aircargo  and recover from the airline on day of arrival or next day to avoid storage fees. Please feel free to contact our air freight department at (310)322-4366 or email us at air@flegenheimer.com if you have any questions