Government Shutdown Update

The Senate voted today to re-open the government, 81-18. The final vote will extend funding for the government for 3 weeks (February 8, 2018).

CBP released their shutdown policies and procedures in the event of a lapse in appropriations.

Field trade processing positions that are excepted status:
• Center Directors, Import Specialists, Entry Specialists, and Liquidation Specialists,
• International Trade Specialists
• FP&F Specialists
• Agriculture Specialists
• CBP Officers
At CBP Headquarters, the Office of Trade and Office of Field Operations leadership are in excepted status.

Impact of the shutdown on trade cargo processing:
• CBP will continue to process cargo and collect revenue, and continue national security and trade enforcement efforts with the minimal amount of disruption possible.
• CBP has made special efforts to coordinate with our PGA colleagues, and is providing a list of PGA points of contact (attached) you may contact them directly if you have questions.
Examples of activities that will not occur during the shutdown:
• Review of and response to Enforce and Protect Act (EAPA) and electronic allegations of trade fraud;
• Issuance of Customs Broker licenses, National Permits and Filer Codes;
• All Trade data requests including commercial requests for ITRAC information;
• Issuance of prospective rulings and the monitoring of import quotas, though quota entries will be accepted;
• Additional trade enforcement policy guidance to the field will be significantly delayed.
Who trade should contact during the shutdown:
• CBP will conduct a daily call with trade stakeholders at 2:00 PM ET throughout the shutdown. Daily call information is included in this email;
• Trade can direct questions during the shutdown to the Office of Trade Relations at;
• If you have questions about operations or issues at a specific port or with an agency other than CBP, please reach to that port or agency directly;
• The Office of Information Technology team is available and supporting operations;
• ACE system issues should be addressed to the CBP Technology Service Desk, as they have limited ACE client reps available. In the event of an ACE outage, they will work things as quickly as possible;
• They will rely on CSMS messaging to get information out quickly, but will not be updating

We will keep monitoring the situation and keep you informed.



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