Effective March 19, 2024: USDA – AMS National Organic Program New Data Requirements

Effective March 19, 2024, data for USDA-AMS Organics Program (AMS/OR) will be required to be transmitted to CBP in ACE.

Commodities that are claimed to be “Organic” require National Organic Program (NOP) certificates.

There are two process types for the AMS NOP:

1.) OR1 – Paper Copies 

2.) OR2- Electronic Certificates: Electronically filed certificates have a 21-character number in the format NNN-NNNNNNNNNN-NNNNNN (where N is a number separated by dashes)

When the NOP certificate is filed elecronically, Flegenheimer will need the following data in order to transmit the entry:

• Certificate number,
• Quantity (in kilograms), and
• Lot numbers (if applicable)

When filing in paper certificate, in addition to the certificate number, quantity, and lot numbers, there are some additional data which may not be on the certificate that Flegenheimer will need to transmit in order to process the entry:

• Intended Use
• Name, Address, and Point of Contact for
• Exporter (EX)
• Ultimate Consignee (UC)
• Certificate Issuer (ORI)
• Final Handler (ORP)
• Certifier of Final Handler (ORC)
• NOP ID Number: This is required for all entities. This is the number assigned by AMS. This can be the 3-character or 10-digit number NOP ID number.

If you are importing any organic commodities, we request that you start gathering this information from your manufacturer or supplier and send the NOP certificate or required data to us in preparation of the mandatory date of filing.

Flegenheimer will continue to provide updates regarding the deployment of the AMS NOP import requirements.

To access the final rule on USDA NOP:

NOP Final Rule

If you have specific questions regarding the AMS NOP, you can contact: AMS_Imports@usda.gov

Additional Resource:Electronic Organic Import Certificates

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