Continuous Bond, Dairy Milk Solids, Remote Location Filing, Fish & Wildlife, January 2010

If you currently have a Customs Continuous Bond on file, that is great! You have no further worries. If you do not, it is in your best interest to apply for one now.
Customs is requiring that all single transaction bonds be made for the value + duties (which is how it has always been up until now) but now, with ISF, we will need to add an additional $10,000 to your bond coverage amount, which intern increases your cost to purchase a single transaction bond. If you do not currently have a continuous bond, call our office today. Don’t wait. For more information, see the federal register (74 FR 68377) dated: 12/24/09 found below:
Dairy Milk Solids Content in Kilograms (CKG) Unit of Measure
Here is the new Customs message about dairy milk solids. It is now a requirement to provide the actual quantity of milk solids, in kilograms for all types of dairy.
The revisions took effect on January 1, 2010, and included the addition of a second unit of measure to report milk solids content of dairy products in kilograms. Dairy related tariff numbers have a second reporting unit of measure indicating ‘CKG’ (Content in Kilograms). ‘CKG’ refers to the weight in kilograms of milk solids content of the imported product. The actual quantity of milk solids, in kilograms, is to be reported, not a percentage. Milk solids of all types of dairy are to be reported.
To view a list of all modified HTS records for 2010, including those affected by this change, see

Remote Location Filing – Final Rule
The notice of final rule for Remote Location Filing (RLF) was published in the Federal Register on December 30, 2009. These regulations will make the RLF program a permanent CBP program. The effective date of the new regulations is January 29, 2010.
Remote Location Filing (RLF) allows approved Customs brokers or importers to submit electronic entry data for clearance from a location other than the port of arrival. RLF was created as one of the Customs Modernization Act provisions enacted in December 1993. Approved importers and brokers transmit electronic entry data via the Automated Broker Interface (ABI) to RLF-trained CBP ports. This transaction includes an electronic invoice when requested. Remote Location Filing may be for you. Flegenheimer Int’l has been in the RLF program from the beginning. We can get your shipment cleared in any U.S. port. Call us for more information at (310)-322-4366. For more on Remote Location Filing see these websites.

Fish & Wildlife has raised Inspection Fees as of January 1, 2010:
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