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Never before, in the history of the US Importing & Exporting Industry, has there been such an excessive amount of new rules, mandatory requirements and regulations; Under such existing conditions, it is inevitable that we call for your complete and full cooperation to work with us as a devoted ally in this journey of change and challenges. We greatly encourage you to watch out for our latest newsletters in which we do our best to keep you informed about the changes that directly affect your business.

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Increase of Merchandise Processing Fees on Jan 1, 2018

Effective January 1, 2018, CBP will be increasing the minimum MPF for formal entry from $25 to $25.67 and the maximunm MPF will increase from $485 to $497.99. The MPF ad valorem rate of 0.3464% will remain the same.

For Informal MPF, it will increase from $2.00 to $2.05.

Please read the Federal Register Announcement for a full list of customs user fee changes:



Reminder: GSP Expiration

The GSP expires periodically and must be renewed by Congress to remain in effect; it is set to expire this year on December 31, 2017; this includes goods entered or withdrawn from warehouse after midnight on 12/31/2017.

This means that if you import goods from GSP eligible countries that make your products free of duty and GSP is not renewed, you will be paying the full duty rate on your products until GSP does renew. All previous GSP renewals that have taken effect after a lapse have included a retroactive clause providing refunds to importers of eligible goods imported during the lapse period. This, however, does not mean that GSP will be renewed or that there will be a retroactive clause if it is renewed.

Flegenheimer International will continue to monitor and send you the latest updates.
For more GSP information:


Reminder: NOAA (Seafood Import Monitoring Program) Implementation

Mandatory Compliance Date: January 1, 2018

Priority Seafood Species:

Abalone *
Atlantic Cod
Blue Crab (Atlantic)
Dolphinfish (Mahi Mahi)
King Crab (red)
Pacific Cod
Red Snapper
Sea Cucumber
Shrimp *
Tunas: Albacore, Bigeye, Skipjack, Yellowfin, and Bluefin

Importers must obtain a valid International Fisheries Trade Permit (IFTP) prior importation. The importer of record must keep records of the chain of custody of the fish or fish products from the point of harvest to the point of entry into the U.S.

NOAA provided a Model Catch forms for the information that they need to collect, you may access the form on this link:


It is recommended that you discuss these requirements with your supply chain. Flegenheimer International will need to transmit the information to CBP and NOAA 5 days prior arrival date of your shipment.

For more information: