Announcement: Port Congestion Surcharge – U.S. West Coast Imports

To All Our Valued Customer/Importers,

We would like to inform you of the port congestion surcharge that was announced by some steamship lines today. It will be in effect on November 17,2014 and will remain effective until the steamship lines advised otherwise. According to them, this is due to the ongoing labor difficulties and significant increase in port congestion. So far, this are the steamship lines that we have heard of that are implementing the surcharge. Here is the quantum of the surcharge that some carriers has sent out:

USL Lines Service Announcement #14-108 and CMA CGM Customer Advisory#109-2014

Size        Type              Level (USD)
20′ …..  all types ……….. $800
40′ …..  all types ……….. $1,000
45′ …..  all types ……….. $1,266
53′ …..  all types ……….. $1,600

Evergreen Line, Hanjin Shipping Co Ltd, and Yang Ming Marine

Size          Level (USD)
20′        ……. $800
40′        ……. $1,000
40 HQ  ……. $1,125
45 HQ  ……. $1,266

On top of this surcharge, there has been vessel delays on arrival at the port, uncertainty of container availability and x-ray schedule. Truckers are also at full capacity. Ports of Oakland, Seattle and Tacoma have been operating at half of normal capacity as well. This is an unfortunate event that we are all currently facing and rest assured  that Flegenheimer is working very hard in monitoring your shipments and we will not be charging any additional fees; However, we would like to request your patience and understanding in this matter. We are hoping that all these issues can be resolved as soon as possible so that we can all go back to normal operations.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this announcement.
Thank you very much,

Flegenheimer Team